Electrical Goods

Looking to spark your customers interest with your electrical product? Why not try our cello wrapping services?

Cello wrapping helps set your product apart and give it a glossy professional finish on the shelf. It is form fitting and comes in multiple sizes, so you don’t need to worry about your electrical products going unfinished.


With our highly trained team and specialist equipment we can cello wrap over 20,000 units a day. Meaning we can tackle any project from one off sample projects to large volume run of FMCG. Giving you the freedom and flexibility to meet customer demand during busy periods.

With our quick turnaround time cello wrapping your electrical product is a cost-efficient way to have your product ready to go. Plus, its environmentally friendly. Our cello wrap is bio degradable, so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint.

Cello wrap     Cello Wrapping

Why stop there? We take our role as professional contract packers seriously and as such we offer several services to support the process of packaging your product. We have an over labelling service to help put the finishing touches on your product whether it be by machine or by hand for the special touch. Our batch coding services are great for keeping track of your product and keeping everything in order. Alongside our liquid filling services we can provide everything needed to have your electrical product looking great and standing out against the rest.

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