Cello Wrapping

Multipack Group are at the forefront of the Cello Wrapping industry. We have the capacity to Cello Wrap over 20,000 units a day through our two high-speed over wrap machines.

What are the main industries that Cello Wrap there products?

What is Cello Wrap?

Cello Wrap is a transparent, plastic outer cover which provides a very high-quality look and finish to your product. Finished products that have been cello wrapped are extremely glossy in appearance, creating a higher perceived value.

How does it work?

This is a process where the product is fed by a conveyor belt into the machine. The film is automatically folded around the product like a parcel and heat-sealed across the underside.

Is your service right for us?

Our highly trained operatives produce some very special finishes to our customers products, setting them apart from other non-wrapped goods. We can also include a tear-tape option, in any colour you require, to add that extra touch of class to your product.

Do I need expensive tooling for this?

We have a vast catalogue of tooling of all sizes in stock, accumulated over many years of contract packing. So, there is a good chance will have the correct tooling for your product, saving you money. If you do need a specific tooling we can create this for you at extra cost. 

Do you offer any other services I may be interested in?

Yes..... We offer all the services associated with Contract Packers such as: Batch coding, product assembly & re-work, shrink wrapping, liquid filling, label application. We also offer media duplication and replication.