Liquid Filling

With a dedicated and highly skilled team of staff in our liquid filling department, our semi-automatic machines are capable of filling most liquids from water and paint to high viscosity liquids, such as lotions and creams. Our volumes ranging from 3ml to 5 litre. We can receive liquids in any container you have and dispense into pots, jars, bottles and tins.

Our high speed liquid dispensing lines offer the very latest in computer controlled measurement, ensuring the most accurate fill levels and data recording. This, coupled with our state of the art batch coding equipment guarantees your product is delivered on time to the correct specification.


We can fill 3ml to 5 litre.
• Flexibility for bespoke sample runs as well as large quantities.
• Batch coding available.
• Fast lead times.
• Strict quality control procedures to ensure product is filled correctly.
• Small trial runs to large quantity runs catered for.

Liquid Filling Machine

We have many years experience filling products such as paints and gels, so if your requirements are anything from a marketing trail run to large scale production, we have the experience and skills to help.

For more information on liquid filling please call a member of our team on 01254 706316