Looking for something to make your E-Cigarettes products stand out, try our cello wrapping services.

A perfect way to give your product a glossy effect that will help it stand out from the rest. Cello wrapping is a great way to package E-Cigarette and other stop smoking products of various shapes and sizes.

Using our high-speed overwrap machines, our highly trained team of professionals can wrap over 40,000 units per day. This means we can help you get some flexibility to meet customer demands during busy periods, we make sure to provide a quick turnaround time to get your product ready to go as fast as possible. Whether you need us to wrap small sample projects or a large volume runs, our cello wrap services are a cost efficient and environmentally friendly way to get your stop smoking product ready to go.

Cello wrap          Cello Wrapping

Why stop there? We take our role as professional contract packers seriously and as such we offer several services to support the process of packaging your product. So, while we cello wrap your E-Cigarette why not let us prepare your E-Liquid too. With our liquid filling and Over labelling services we can do the whole package. Then we can help keep track of it with our batch coding services mean that everything is accounted for and taken care of.

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We are currently working towards achieving our ISO 9001


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