Cello Wrapping

Cello Wrap is a transparent, plastic outer cover which provides a very high-quality look and finish to your product. Finished products that have been cello wrapped are extremely glossy in appearance, creating a higher perceived value.

• Used for cosmetics, CDs, DVDs, gift boxes and high valued POS items.
• Offers glossy presentation of your product, giving a higher perceived value.
• It is a very cost-effective process.
• Cellophane is recyclable, giving you a greener option to your packaging.
• Preferred partner of many major cosmetic producers.


We have the capacity to Cello Wrap over 20,000 units a day through our two high-speed over-wrap machines. From CD cases through to large gift boxes, this form of wrap is perfectly suited to any product that demands a high-quality finish.

Our highly trained operatives produce some very special finishes to our customers products, setting them apart from other non-wrapped goods. We can also include a tear-tape option, in any colour you require, to add that extra touch of class to your product.

For more information on Cello Wrapping please call our team on 01254 706316 or use our contact form. Alternatively, you take a look at our new website www.cellowrapping.com